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Integrate all types of information from the news website, social media and vertical forums

  • Offer updated information on public opinion and marketing for you to follow the latest trends in the industry;
  • Offer comprehensive analysis report to realise the inteligent decision-making of commerce so as to support business decision-making;
  • Build up capabality of data splitting to integrate new data with existing business data;
  • Offer Chinese analytical units targeted at vertical knowledge optimization and exploration of emerging fields;
  • Offering machine learning units targeted at macro-data analysis and favorable policie support.

Extract human-centered value through population portrayal

personal interest

ascribed characteristics of population

personality and characteristics

contact agent analysis

Powerful Chinese analytical ability and rich vertical knowledge base

①. Core word bank of 540,000, standard word property of 40,000 items, dialects, positive and negative words of core Chinese vocabulary.
②. 100,000 rule knowledge base.
③. 3000+ examples of Chinese sentence pattern.
④. Built-in algorithm of data analysis.

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  • Microsoft
  • Midea
  • Chukong
  • Samsung
  • Skyscanner