VeryEntertainment  –  VeryEntertainment Big Data Suite


Entertainment product evaluation and crowdfunding aid

  • Analyze similar themes, and carry out evaluation, box office data collection and tendency analysis;
  • Analyze social factors, including the ability of entertainment consumption and the focus of targeted audience;
  • Cast perception, analyzing the fans’ consumption ability, hits of videos and reading quantity of news;
  • Screenplay perception, analysing the sales volume, payments and reading quantity of stories;
  • In conclusion, we offer systemic and comprehensive IP/film evaluation and crowdfunding support.

Guide on film, TV and entertainment investment

  • Weiresearch conducts evaluation and rating assessment in terms of the content, cast and word of mouth of the films and TV programs;
  • Weiresearch offers real-time information on celebrity anecdotes, evaluating the best guest and cast;
  • Weiresearch promptly collects the hottest online novels to form the IP asset matrix;
  • Weiresearch extends entertainment data to App and develops e-commerce derivatives;

information collection of film and TV programs ratings

  • Film trailers, film and online dramas viewership monitoring;
  • Data collection of Top Box ratings
  • Real-time data monitoring to raise copyright value and ads price;
  • Collect audience feedbacks on themes and guests of programs and make timely adjustment;
  • Choose the opinion leader and expand the influence of programs;
  • Take evidence and write reports on network piracy

Film, TV and entertainment product marketing and monitoring

  • Monitor the press, including mainstream domestic and foreign media, and the function of screenshot of media monitoring;
  • Monitor major video media;
  • Monitor social media, including Weibo, Tieba, forum and WeChat public account;
  • Weiresearch now offers free trail-based monitoring service.


  • DMG Media
  • Wanda Cinemas
  • Youku
  • China Film Stellar Theater
  • Chukong
  • Entgroup
  • Hunan Satellite TV
  • Lajin
  • Beijing Weying Technology
  • Huayi Bros. Media