Topker  –  Topker Realty Big Data Suite


Big data DSP targeted delivery

  • Data collection: gain customer ID through different channels;
  • Customer base portrayal: identify the behavior of customers through customer ID and carry out customer base portrayal analysis;
  • Customer base amplification: the establishment of group attribute of the five major types so as to find out similar customer base;
  • Reach the customer base: reach the customers based on accurate data and assess the result of feedback data.

Targeted customer expansion through WeChat LBS

  • Replace traditional marketing model of phone call, short message and leaflet with social media marketing;
  • With the advantages of positioning, flexible operation and lower costs;
  • Compared with traditional ways of customer location, there is no spatial limit, with higher rate of coverage and cost-effectiveness;
  • Cover residential communities, industrial parks, business centers, subways, and realty sales offices.

integrate offline channels in a highly efficient way

  • Cover all the offline channels via systematization, mobilization and datamation.
  • Achieve interconnectivity of resources in all channels through big data.
  • I.Dual track of popular marketing;
  • Sound back-stage management to ensure the execution of the complete process;

Visual marketing analysis system

  • Customer analysis: analyzing the customer conversion rates, turnover ratio and de-stocking rate;
  • Customer portrayal: offer feedbacks to property consultants on the behavior portrayal of the customers to support the business negotiation;
  • Market analysis: offer regular feedbacks on the trends in the housing market to support decision-making of projects;
  • Customized module: develop data processing module based on individual demands.

Fund & financial solutions

  • Third party supervision by banks to ensure safe management of fund;
  • 7-days fund flow to ensure timely billing;
  • Partnership with several private equities to secure support for the products;
  • High yields + house purchasing preference, neglecting neither house-purchase nor financial management;
  • Easy application: T+0 timely redemption with minimum risk;